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I would like to start by saying a very big thanks to all of you that supported Blythe Gamble in her running for The MAMA’s, Blues performer of the Year award. We are more than happy to announce that Blythe is now 1 of the 4 finalists in this competition, due to the support and votes from all of you fine people!… but it’s not over yet folks! Now starts round 2 of the voting! Please go to and vote once again for Blythe Gamble (you will NOT have to make another $5 donation, you’ll just need your login info). The voting will end on Monday, May 9th. Again, thank you all for getting Blythe this much closer to the finish line!!!

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I want to sincerely thank all my of fans for voting for us for Breakthrough Artist of The Year. I’m so proud that we made it through the first round and I can’t thank you all enough. However, I have decided to withdraw Blythe Gamble and The Rollin’ Dice from participating in the event because of some extreme conflicts. I don’t really want to talk a lot about it, it’s upsetting and disappointing. We have so many other exciting things coming up, and your $5 really does go to a great cause, so please continue to vote for us in the other categories we are up for awards for until March 14th. We will also have a show at The Locker Room on March 18th 8pm no cover…it’ll be balls out blues…I’ve got a fire in my belly now folks…watch out!!! I love you all, thank you for your continued support of my music, my passion, and my dreams. Looking out at all your faces is worth more than any award to me! ‪#‎musicforthepeople‬ ‪#‎blythegamblemusic2016‬‪#‎CDsupportshowcomingupsoon‬


Hey everybody! So this is going to be an awesome event, really fun time, and you should absolutely be there! 100% of the proceeds go to charity! Go to the link below for more details… Not to mention, Retrobus will be playing on the Brink Lounge stage from 5:45 – 6:45pm! We hope to see you all there!



Hello to you all. This website is currently undergoing a little bit of construction… it will still be up and running so feel free to keep checking back in for upcoming shows, etc… No need to worry, the site will soon be remodeled, looking awesome, and easy to use!


Alright everyone! This is her last year running for this award. Go to and vote for Blythe Gamble. Let’s come together and make her WIN!!!!!




Hey everyone! Just to keep you all up to date, Blythe Gamble and the Rollin Dice is still working on finding that perfect venue to put on a Benefit Concert to make sure that they get the money they need to record and release their first album! I will post details as soon as we pick a place and date! Until then check out the Go Fund Me page and read what it is all about. We thank you for any and all support and can’t wait to release this CD!


Listen up everyone! It is almost that time for us to help make Blythe Gamble the next Breakthrough Artist of the Year! Voting begins on February 5th and ends on March 14th. In order to vote you have to go to the Madison Area Music Awards web site at! Before you can vote the web site will ask you to pay $5. Just to fill you all in, this $5 goes towards a very important cause of helping to keep music in the Madison schools. So be sure to mark your calendars… Let’s all support this rockin woman and help her win this!!!